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Taken in the Moroccan desert. 

Taken in the Moroccan desert. 


So yeah. I’m at uni and shit. And this is the view from my window at Bradford University. First thing I saw when I got into my new room; a skip on fire. So this is the north. It’s cold, RIDICULOUSLY WINDY and full of northerners, I didn’t realise that all northerners seem to go to university in near by or at least northern cities so I am of the minority and they laugh at my accent quite a lot but it is pretty awesome here.

 I am living in the most environmentally friendly building in the country so I naturally feel awfully guilty when I leave my light/ radio on CONSTANTLY. Whos stupid idea was it to make this amazing building and then fill it with students? We even have an “eco-pond” which recycles water and this Friday was the first time someone fell in it. I am impressed by how long that lasted.

OH and Rory says he is amazing but he’s probably joking because he is from Hull.


got up at half 3 and am now back in bed at quarter to 10. love only not being in my pajamas today for 6 hours out of 24. Read The Seagull by Antony Chekov… wow that Arkadina women is a bitch. Wacthed the film Sliding Doors, also. That was really sad but it had a dencent ish ending. Hannah came over, we failed at aquiring her some fags and then sat in town for a bit and met some people. But other than that pretty much sat in bed all day. Love the summer holidays. These are the good times.


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